Shapes (and skins)By Kira Are Delicious …….

Today I discovered the wonderful world of Shapes By Kira Fatpacks! And I fell in love ! These makeups by Kira Paderborn of Shapes by Kira are soft and perfect. This Fatpack is called Cherry ! I also think it’s important to know that no PhotoShop was used in the making of this blog post, so what you see is what you get!

And what you get IS the shape and all the makeups shown below included for a truly low price, plus the eyebrow shape! Cherry is dewy, fresh and beautiful, some of the makeups are more sultry, some more innocent looking….so there is truly a look for every mood.

These skin makeups are fresh with dewy lips, 2 tiny beauty marks – one under the right eye and one above the left side of the upper lip.

The body shape is curvy on Cherry, and oh so sexy! The makeups range from minimal, for daytime to nighttime date makeups. Each one is beautifully contoured and unique.

Perfectly shaped eyebrows are also included in each Fatpack.

Soft, velvety lipsticked lips look perfect for kissing, but don’t believe me, ask your significant other!

Fat packs are 2000 and include the copy mod shape that is 800L and 5 skins that are 600 each ( if purchased seperately). An amazing buy in any economy but even more appreciated now.

Just check out the hot body Cherry has….curvy yet still athletic, and her curves are all in the right spots. Cherry is 5 ft. 12 inches and her bosom  measures an ample, but not over the top- 51.  And she has a cute booty to boot, hehe. This shape is also modify so you can change it.

This is just one of the gorgeous shape/skin Fatpacks at Skins By Kira and you can buy them separately as well.  I’ll be showcasing more here in a few.

Head over to Shapes By Kira and check out Cherry! “She’s hot, sticky  sweet, from her head down to her feet…..whooa ohh !”

Kira also has all kinds of other goodies so make sure to check everything out!

LM to Shapes By Kira below –

Also Wearing~

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Amacci Real Eyes – Sky Blue ( Courtesy of Amacci)
Earrings by PUARANGI DESIGNS~PD ChaCha Earrings (Courtesy of PUARANGI DESIGNS)
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