Happy 3rd Anniversary Bliss Couture !!!

I have adored Bliss Couture since I walked through the doors for the 1st time,  just a few weeks after I joined SL in January of 2007, when I got my very 1st fancy gown from Bliss Couture and I adore it even more 3 years later! 3 years  is notable in the SL fashion industry and to be such a mainstay truly means that you have consistantly designed amazing couture ! I know that you have made this girl very happy over these past 3 years with your elegant creations, generous Group offers, giveaways and the love you show all your Bliss Dolls ! Please lift your glass and  join me in wishing Bliss Couture a very happy 3rd Anniversary and for 3 years of style, elegance and so many amazing creations ♥ I personally wish to thank the creative mind behind these stunning designs, Amutey DeCuir! You rock my prim socks Amutey and make me look amazing everytime I don a Bliss Couture original 🙂

Amutey is a giver and she has so many goodies for all her Bliss Dolls, including this amazing red satin cocktail dress!

There are Member Exclusives all over the place. Little pink gift boxes with amazing gifts inside (they look like the box in the Bliss ad up top)!  Below are two more amazing gifts from Bliss Couture. The eye makeup and the shirt ! Thank you again Amutey !!

Here is the Press Release so you can read for yourself just incase I missed anything important:

The luxury label celebrates its 3rd Anniversary with an intense month of events from Saturday, March the 12th to Sunday, April the 10th. 2011! Bliss Couture would like to remember its Three Years of activity sharing all its enthusiasm with the numbers of Dolls, over 32000.

The Third Anniversary will be a special time of events that we are glad to announce:
3rd ANNIVERSARY LIMITED EDITION GOWNS! The most beautiful couture pieces created in a special release on sale only during the Anniversary Celebrations.
New surprises will be added randomly  and announced in our blog, until the last week.


3rd ANNIVERSARY FASHION SHOW, on Friday April 8th.  The Bliss Couture’s Spring Collection will be unveiled during the first show directed by Kay Fairey, Miss Bliss Couture 2011.  The Event will be for sure one of the hottest appointments of the year!

All the SL Fashion Bloggers will be invited to choose their best Bliss Couture’s design of the past three years. Three months to enter, from Sunday March 13th to Sunday June 12th.  Please show your support by voting BLISS Couture! It will be one exciting month full of emotions and also numerous surprises! Thanking all the Bliss Couture’s lovers for making this possible.

And I think we all just want to thank Amutey DeCuir and Bliss Couture for making our SL more fashiontastic 🙂 LMs to Bliss Couture’s Stores & their flickr are below –

Bliss Couture Flagship Store –


Bliss Couture Hair –


Bliss Couture Basic –


Bliss Couture Outlet –


Bliss Couture Gallery –


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