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Styles by Danielle Adds Some Heat to Your Summer !

Ki Ki is one hot bikini sure to add some heat to your summer!

Ki Ki has sexy wrap-around strings, one ties high on one side and on the opposite hip on the other side.

Ki Ki Micro Bikini also has a cute little, flirty skirt you can wear once you get out of the water.

Slinky, sexy and metallic…..can a micro bikini get any better? I don’t think so 🙂

Want to make some heads turn this summer…..head to Styles by Danielle and pick up Ki Ki! LM is below –

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Be The Next Chop Zuey Girl !



Are you the next Chop Zuey Girl? Think you have what it takes?

Chop Zuey is on the hunt for the new Chop Zuey Girl. The Chop Zuey Girl is Smart and Sexy, full of Life and Personality. Creative and Poetic – building her world around her as she likes it – yet keenly aware of the world as it is. Honest, Sympathetic and Kind to all, but you instinctively know she carries a sharp sword. You’ll find her in your Favourite Van Gogh Painting – for she is a work of art. Fun and Funny in one breathe, you are amazed at how switfly her senses tune into razor-sharp perception and dead-on intiuitiveness. Women love her as much as Men and she is absolutely the kind of Girl your mother would adore. Loves Chocolate but swears she is a vegan, Protector of animal rights, adores sensuous fabrics, she is both a Lover and a Fighter, a Romantic and a Realist.

Does she sound like you? 1st Place Winner will recieve:

a) Honourable Tag: “Chop Zuey Girl”

b) 10,000L cash prize

c) A Gown designed by Agnes Finney & named after you!

d) Gift Certificate from Body Doubles for a Free Shape.

e) L$2500 Gift Certificate from Fierce Designs, Inc.

f.) A Party held in your honour @ REZ Nightclub on Sunday July 3rd. Time TBA

g) Photo Shoot for Chop Zuey Ad in Fashion Magazine (TBA) ***************

How to Join: CONTACT PERSON: Belle Roussel (by notecard only) DEADLINE: Sunday, June 26, 2011.

Step 1: The Jewellery you wear in your photos must be by Chop Zuey. (free gifts & members gifts are not acceptable – complete transaction must be shown). *Please see the list of acceptable collections from which you can choose your pieces. Each Photo must show different jewellery and preferably a different look, different style or different side of your personality (i.e. First photo natural and the second photo High Couture, Minimalist or Impressionist ect.).

Step 2: All Contestants must be a member of the Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery Group.

Step 3: Take two photos.

a) Size 1024 x 1024 in TGA or PNG Format only.

b) Photos must be Full Permission.

c) Rename the Photos: Your Name + Pic 1 and Pic 2

d) Do Not put your name or the Photographers name or studio on the picture please. You can credit them in the Enrollment Card.

Step 4: Put the two full perm photos into a folder and rename it as: Chop Zuey Girl + Your full name. Remember: Your Photos should highlight and represent Chop Zuey Jewellery at its best, However we are looking for that Girl with the personality, light and heart that shines thru (see above description of the Chop Zuey Girl) – and of course – we are looking for GREAT PHOTOS. Photoshop touch-ups are acceptable.

Step 5: Fill out this Enrollment Notecard, rename it and put it in your folder.

Step 6: Send the whole folder to Belle Roussel by Deadline Midnight (SLT) Sunday June 26th, 2011. Announcments will be made Saturday July 2, 2011. By Submitting Pictures and application, you agree to give Full Permission to Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery to use them in store display, blog sharing, advertising, shop displays and ad events. Credit will be given. Please follow directions completely. Any missing information may result in elimination of your application. All decisions made by Chop Zuey Management shall be final and binding.

Good Luck! Belle Roussel


* You can choose your jewellery from the following collections. They cannot be free items or group member gifts. Transaction must be shown and will be double checked:

La Belle Bijoux
The Cupcake Collection
My Twisted Valentine Collection
The Barking Bard
The Light of the World Collection
The Symphony Series
Autour du Cou Neck Dressings
Big-Ass Earrings Collection
Ed Hardy Edition
The Goddess Collection
Midnight Mocha
Moulin Rouge
The Queen’s Collection
Unisex Collection
Colours Collection
Spring Colours Sets
Mother’s Grace
Any collection that comes out after the release of this notecard is also acceptable.

LM to Chop Zuey below –

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