WARNING: Dating Causes INSANITY (by GizzA)

This is my last boyfriend. He slowly drove me insane, little by little, day after day. He knew I had PMS and GPS, which means I am a bitch that WILL find you, heh!

 All I wanted was a little peace and quiet while I was trying to blog..seriously, is that too much to ask??

But did he listen? Hell to the NO!!!!

So now he just hangs around and I am wearing my INSANITY by GizzA daily….why don’t men listen?

 Well, at least I am looking hot in my INSANITY by GizzA, now if I could just fix this damn mascara and maybe brush my hair!

 Happy Halloween *insert loooooooooooooooong, shrill, crazy scream here*

Outfit - GizzA INSANITY (leggings, glasses and boots included)                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Hair - Analog Dog Madison 2 in house wine

Lipstick - LPD Lipstick in Fire

Background by PNP Halloween Pack 1 (on sale now)

JeSyLiLO PALE Helloween Skin (gift skin from 2010)
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