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HEART HOMES Loving Family Nursery Chair for Mom, Baby and Dad!

Did you always wish you had a chair for your nursery that had some amazing animations? I found one for you….

hearthome nursery chair group1

The Loving Family Nursery Chair from HEART HOMES for APHRODITE SHOP has so many great animations….rock baby, bottle feeding, breast feeding, burping, sleeping with baby, baby sitting on your lap and so many more. You really have to see this set work to appreciate it. I tried but still photos just do not do it justice! (Check the video to see more! –

Watch the Video here:

hearthome nursery chair group2Once you get the baby to sleep, there are lots of fun things to do in your spare time. You click the knitting basket that is included and you can knit, crochet, needlepoint, sew, read or just relax and even fall to sleep. The HUD gives you everything you need and when you click the different colored yarns, there is a fun animation for them. Just look at the adorable little booties, stuffed bunny & kitty cat pillow I worked on….TOO CUTE!

hearthome nursery chair group3

I really loved needle pointing the cat & cow 🙂 I never knew I was so creative, hehe! Also there are more animations for when the baby Daddy or other Mommy  is around as well. The Loving Family Nursery Chair is made of white leather & wood and is a quality design. You can see more here…..



On Marketplace –

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Easter at APHRODITE !

APHRODITE makes some amazing items and they have some awesome Easter items right now!

aphrodite romantic easter basket

This Romantic Easter Basket is just adorable! The chicks move in their eggs and you can get so many goodies for Easter by just clicking on the items in the basket. It is topped with a festive bow and delicate tulle netting. Just gorgeous!

picnic basket_007

Perfect for you and your Easter sweetie to have some snacks….sandwiches, cheese & crackers, wine and much more!  (blanket NOT included).

Marketplace link –

APHRODITE SHOP even has a Romantic Easter Egg gift for Him and Her (shown). It is beautiful and comes with a box of decadent chocolates, a ring (NOT SHOWN) and a bouquet of roses to give to your baby!

Marketplace link –

picnic basket_015

Also from APHRODITE is the Italian Easter Cake. It is beautifully decorated with real Easter eggs, yummy looking and so authentic that I had to grab a slice…mmmm! Just like I remember from my childhood.

Marketplace link –

italian easter cake aphrodite

APHRODITE Romantic Easter Table is perfect for Easter dinner with your love…..

romantic easter table for 2_008

This table is very interactive. You and your bunny can chitchat while sipping some delicious Chardonnay or Merlot, before digging in to a festive Easter feast. First course is appetizers and I served up some yummy deviled eggs and some ham on romantic heart shaped plates!

Their is a bread basket including Matzoh for your friends that celebrate Passover as well. By the way, the deviled eggs were scrumptious!

romantic easter table for 2_010

This table has 3 options for tablecloth and chairs, in checked patterns of blue & yellow, pink & yellow and shades of green pastels, perfect for that Easter celebration!

romantic easter table for 2 lamb

You also have 2 choices for appetizers, entrees and a delicious array of sweets for dessert. You can also put out a beautiful vase of flowers!

romantic easter table for 2 dessert

You can click the leg of the chair to Eat, Chat or Drink….this is one great table for the perfect Easter dinner!

Marketplace link –

And last but not least is this Sexy Bunny Outfit complete with Easter Basket and beautifully decorated eggs…

bunny outfit_003

Contains sexy ensemble wearable as shorts or skirt, includes fancy shoes matching and bunny ears and a funny basket which delivers unlimited random chocolate eggs or bunnies on touch for everybody, eatables with a realistic great animation!
TRANSFER to give as gift too!  Pure Passion Pink Sensual Easter Set includes – ears, top, skirt, shoes, tail, easter basket and jewelry.

Marketplace link –

Check out these items on Marketplace as well to see how amazing these are you can also head to APHRODITE SHOP – LM below –

*~*Many thanks to the gorgeous Reygan Landar for helping with this shoot!


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Aphrodite Romantic Valentine’s Scene is Here……

I know that Valentine’s Day is on everyone’s minds, since it is 2 weeks away! If you want to make it really special for your sweetheart, think Aphrodite!

aphrodite romantic valentines scene6

Marina Ramer & Jaylin Whitewood are Romance Gurus and they have thought of everything for adding the most romantic touches to your Valentine’s Day. This scene has a blanket with wine, bucket and glasses…..aphrodite romantic valentines scene lastto quench your romantic thirst. Heart shaped balloons and a huge, heart shaped box of chocolates with a romantic love note on the top to satiate your taste buds…grab for a candy and the lid opens and you can take your pick!

aphrodite romantic valentines scene7

Bask in the love the two of you feel for each other this Valentine’s Day with the help of Aphrodite Shop.

aphrodite romantic valentines scene_026

Rose petals complete the romantic ambiance and there are lots of romantic poses for the two of you….

aphrodite romantic valentines scene8

Aphrodite’s Romantic Valentine’s Scene is perfect for the SL romantic and it will leave you with wonderful V~Day memories! Many thanks to the sexy and hunky Cuba Avedon for helping me with this blog 🙂

Aphrodite Romantic Valentine’s Scene Specifics:

This fully animated scene contains:

~ A total of 40 animations- The 20 sweetest couple poses
~ Red rose petals rug
~ Red Heart shaped balloons
~ Red on/off valentine candle
~ Red wine bottle on ice “Valentines sunset” (gives drinkable wine glasses)
~ Valentines card, red rose & decorations
~ Heart shaped chocolates box, which opens and closed gracefully on touch and dispenses heart chocolates eatables

Try out this scene at Aphrodite Shop here~

or Purchase on Marketplace below~

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4th of July BBQ from APHRODITE SHOP!!!

Tomorrow is July 4th and it is time to fire up that BBQ grill and plan that backyard party! Allow me to help 🙂 I have the perfect BBQ Grill and you will not want to live without it all summer long!

This set is so very cool! Firstly, everything changes color- The umbrella and tablecloth have so many choices for the 4th of July as well as every day designs. The cooler changes colors and so does the BBQ!

Whatever you cook on the grill goes to the BBQ raw and turns brown as it cooks. Once it’s cooked, it transfers to the plates on the table, so no one will have to be hungry for long! The cooler is filled with refreshing drinks and fun will be had by all! The video is really helpful, because you click on different parts for different options. You can cook, hot dogs, steaks, chicken, sausages, burgers and even grill veggies for that vegan friend!

The grill changes to red, blue, brown,  and silver. This is a very nice grill and perfect for every time you BBQ all summer long!

These sets are so interactive that watching the video is the only way to get all you can out of this awesome set!! You can see all the couples options and things I just didn’t have time to show you here, before the holiday tomorrow! Cool chef hat is included, as well as so many BBQ props it is just amazing!

Have a safe & happy 4th of July and don’t forget to grab this set for the best BBQ  ever! And grab this delicious looking July 4th Dessert Tray for only 10L in the shop, as a gift for the holiday !

***Here is the very helpful demo video for you to watch and see all the amazing features that still shots just cannot capture-

If you don’t feel like going shopping or like me, you just don’t have time, buy it on Marketplace –


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I found HEART HOMES for APHRODITE SHOP totally by accident one day while looking for baby furniture and I am so GLAD that I did !!! Today I am blogging Dream Kitchen and if you enjoy a really good quality kitchen, that has all the bells and whistles…..and the bacon and eggs and coffee and CAKE…… HEART HOMES for APHRODITE SHOP has made the perfect interactive kitchen for couples and singles.

I adore making my husband a hearty breakfast and with this kitchen, I can ! It has soooo many awesome animations that I can’t possibly show them all here, but I can try.

Cereal, eggs, coffee and you can even heat the milk….and make pancakes that plump up once you flip them, just like in real life.

The steam even rises from these freshly made pancakes….seriously, this is enough to make you hungry 🙂

You can make breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert with this kitchen.

And you can wash the dishes, wipe down the counter, sweep and scrub the floor, wash laundry, get things out of the under the counter mini fridge and fill the dishwasher.

The cabinets and drawers open up, the sink fills. It is retro and fabulously shabby chic, with so many wonderful little special touches that you will not believe.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness after all. Plus, you can cook from start to finish…..with smooth and seamless animations. These sets have so many things to do that there is a YouTube video just to show you how amazing this kitchen is and how many things you can do in it.

I think that most people don’t mind spending lindens on quality items and this Dream Kitchen is well worth every single linden!

Dream Kitchen has some awesome couple animations as well……your honey can swoop in and dance with you, help you clean or cook, or dip you into a passionate kiss, just to mention a few.

I adore the Dream Kitchen by HEART HOMES for APHRODITE SHOP, but I cannot show you the truly amazingness  (calm down, I know this isn’t a real word, lol) of it in still photos, so I recommend the informative video below. It is truly the only way of knowing the things Dream Kitchen is capable of! You can take my word for it though, it is the best kitchen I have ever used in SL!

Dream Kitchen is complete and comes with the main counter, the island counter, the retro refrigerator and the wine counter as well as the 2 bar stools, pictures and shelves for the walls and pots and pan chandelier hanger and much more! You can check it at this link on Marketplace as well. And everything you see below (except me ) comes with Dream Kitchen!

HEART HOMES for APHRODITE SHOP has many more great furniture sets for couples, which I will be blogging very soon. You can also check out my Styles by Danielle Housewife blog a few days ago for more Dream Kitchen photos.

PS- These photos were not altered in any way, so you can admire the animations and quality of the design.



Informative Video for HEART HOMES for APHRODITE SHOP Dream Kitchen Complete   (SERIOUSLY, this is a helpful video!!)

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New “Sailor’s Home” New England Beach House ~ by HEART HOMES for Aphrodite Shop!

As I was shopping on Marketplace this past weekend, I happened upon this “Sailor’s Home” New England Beach House. This is one verrrry cool house, especially if you happen to live on a private island like I do.

Heart Homes Presents: The “Sailors Home” is beautifully built, with a lovely flagstone entryway and greyish-taupe shingles, and loads of white, wooden trimmed windows  to let the sun shine in!

There is also a great glass, Greenhouse built right in back, for more great beach views and you have a perfect home for your house plants as well!

Best of all, if you are a “prim whore” like me, is the fact that it’s only 197 prims with all the doors and fireplaces.

The perfect home for the enterprising Sailor or Couple, this is a great house to enjoy your Spring and Summer, and even Fall and Winter in.

Huge  windows in both the Living and Bedroom offers a panoramic view onto the sea or sand, as well as the glass, Greenhouse, offering a look over your gardens or the ocean.

Safely nestled between the 2 roofs, upstairs is the study and Captain’s Nest balcony, inviting you to work or play and enjoy the island views!

All doors use the patented Aeon Vox Door system, offering menu controlled access and both Fieldstone fireplaces offer a menu-controlled fire. This is just a great house and you can check it out on Marketplace and In-world you can rez it and walk around and see this beautiful house firsthand. The designers, Jaylin Whitewood and Marina Ramer are very talented and make much more than homes….furnishings, household items, baby things, clothes….and more. You should take a trip and see…the LM is below!


* 197 Prims with all doors & fireplaces with fires *

* Reception, Livingroom, Bedroom, Bathroom, Glass Greenhouse, 1st floor Study or 2nd bedroom + Balcony
* 28m x 16,8m Base
* 11,3m High without weather vane
* 2 Fireplaces with Menu-controlled fires

**New England style home, specially made for people that loves the beach and the sea and sailors who adores impressive sea views all around the house rooms. Big house but very cozy with soft pastel colors and beautiful original fireplaces. It comes with a beautifully made fishing net to decorate the roofs and also with a great terrace for outside optional, both as bonus gift! NOT SHOWN HERE**

You may see it personally at the rezzer platform here:

You may check it out on Marketplace here:

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