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Super Sexy Saturday with Shey Fashion’s Lais !

Sometimes a girl just wants to feel sexy. It’s Saturday and I am feeling sexy in Shey Fashion’s newest release…..Lais!

shey lais group

Lais is a mesh mini with a few extra sexy twists….

shey lais blacks

A single sided halter top with loops holding it together that can change color…..and that’s not all !

shey lais side holes

Lais also has some sexy hole cutouts on one side for extra exposure and sheer f*cking sexiness! Sorry, but it’s just the truth and sometimes you have to say it 😉

shey lais stripes

Still not sexy enough you say?? I am not quite done. Turn that ass around and check out the back…..laces!!! They can also be changed with your mood, as can the eyelets and that is awesome!

shey lais back laces

Lais by Shey Fashion will help you get your sexy on OR  bring your sexy back if you lost it, lol. You will be turning heads and taking some prisoners. This is THE PERFECT super sexy, mesh mini and one he will not be able to forget.

shey lais set2

Oh yeah, don’t forget that every time you buy a SHEY  you get so many awesome fabric options that it is like buying 4 fatpacks for one price, so yes Lais has ummmm lots of choices for your moods 30 fabrics in all to be precise! YAY!!! I almost forgot the Lara Ankle Boots which are also included. Amazing, don’t you agree?

lana ankle boots_003

I thought so….so head to Shey Fashion and grab some sexy for your Saturday!

LM is below for your shopping convenience~

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