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HEART HOMES Loving Family Nursery Chair for Mom, Baby and Dad!

Did you always wish you had a chair for your nursery that had some amazing animations? I found one for you….

hearthome nursery chair group1

The Loving Family Nursery Chair from HEART HOMES for APHRODITE SHOP has so many great animations….rock baby, bottle feeding, breast feeding, burping, sleeping with baby, baby sitting on your lap and so many more. You really have to see this set work to appreciate it. I tried but still photos just do not do it justice! (Check the video to see more! –

Watch the Video here:

hearthome nursery chair group2Once you get the baby to sleep, there are lots of fun things to do in your spare time. You click the knitting basket that is included and you can knit, crochet, needlepoint, sew, read or just relax and even fall to sleep. The HUD gives you everything you need and when you click the different colored yarns, there is a fun animation for them. Just look at the adorable little booties, stuffed bunny & kitty cat pillow I worked on….TOO CUTE!

hearthome nursery chair group3

I really loved needle pointing the cat & cow 🙂 I never knew I was so creative, hehe! Also there are more animations for when the baby Daddy or other Mommy  is around as well. The Loving Family Nursery Chair is made of white leather & wood and is a quality design. You can see more here…..



On Marketplace –

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