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Purrfect10 Shoes Are More Than Perfect!

If you haven’t heard of Purrfect10 Shoes, you need to pay close attention! You will be glad you did too. Hot shoe alert coming at ya!

Ten Dexler is the Owner and Designer and let me just say…BRAVO!! These are the best shoes I have seen in SL. All I can say is “I am in LOVE” and I like it!!

Today I am showcasing Purrfect10 Persephone Boots in Patent Leather and Purrfect10 Maia Heels Lace. Not only are these shoes and boots totally  amazing….the fit is awesome, as well as all the little details!

You know how when you find something really wonderful and you just want to share it with everyone you know? That’s how I feel about this shoe store 🙂 I could go on and on, but just check out the unedited photos here and you can decide for yourself.

Each shoe/boot comes with menu options to change parts of the shoe…..front, back, sole, buckles, nails…..these are SWEEEEET !

I like so many things about Purrfect10 Shoes and you will too. They really do look great and I love shoes with more than one option. With Purrfect10 you get a primary and a secondary color choice for the shoe parts, so you can mix it up beautifully and never get bored. And there are so many colors to choose from in the shop too.

It’s also so easy to match your skins, it should be illegal, but it’s not 😉 Which is a pet peeve of mine, also cankles ( fat, chubby weird looking ankles that just are way too big) and Purrfect10 doesn’t give you cankles, YAY! Oh and you get 20 nail colors to get  perfectly polished toes.

Perfect styles, perfect options, perfect fit, Purrfect10!!! ‘Nuff said….Go shopping!

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